Mozilla issues a list of popular devices with “Creepy” Privacy settings

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2020. 08:51 pm

Gifting someone a gadget is a deep-rooted tradition shimmering a token of our love. But times are indeed changing.

These days it can be tense with many previously unexpected pitfalls as you may end up gifting your loved one a fitness tracker that can also track and record mood swings, or a apparently inoffensive doorbell that can also monitor police activity. Privacy watchdog, Mozilla has come out with a useful list of well-known gadgets with ratings on just how creepy they are.

Although internet rights supporters continue to project “Privacy not included”, this year 2020 has yielded a whole lot of quite creepy devices, which on their face value, and seems to be wonderful gadgets worthy of being gifted to a special one.

Given the increase of “smart” speakers, security cameras, doorbells, and several other devices, caution and due industry is needed before settling for a gift gadget.

It is optional that Amazon is on the wrong end of this creepy range, as almost everything by company, with the exclusion of Spark, sends huge amounts of data to Amazon, by design. However, Mozilla is of the view that Amazon has not earned its stripes and hence the trust to acquire such privacy data. Mozilla also placed Facebook on the wrong end of the creepy range for a similar reason.

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