PIA data hacked: Threat Actor put databases up for sale at Dark Web

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

24th Nov, 2020. 04:06 pm

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) reportedly suffered a major security breach after its network access and database were put on sale for $4,000 on the dark web.

According to a media report, an Israeli firm named KELA (the firm tracks ransomware trends and identifies threats to international organizations and government setups) spotted a threat actor offering the domain admin access to the airline for $4,000.

Moreover, this offer is still live on two Russian and one English dark web forum that KELA had been monitoring.

According to the firm, a week later, the threat actor also put all the databases in the airline’s network on sale.

The cybercriminals posted a sample, which, according to them, carries ‘all the people’s data who use PIA, including names, last names, phone numbers, and passports’.

KELA said that the actor mentioned that what he is selling includes around fifteen databases, all with different amounts of record — some around 500,000 records and some around 60,000–50,000 records — but that all the records stored in their network are included.

Moreover, the firm also revealed that the same threat actor has put thirty-eight databases up for sale at a cumulative price of at least $118,700 since July this year.

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