Qualcomm can only supply 4G chips to Tech Giant Huawei

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2020. 09:37 pm

Qualcomm has confirmed that they have applied for a license to supply chips to Huawei. Now reports are coming from china that the company has given permission to supply 4G chips instead of 5G.

Now, after obtaining the license, it will look to increase the supply for 4G mobile phones further.

A couple of days back, reports said Qualcomm already got the license to do business with Huawei. Though, the new report proposes that it can only sell 4G chips at least for now to Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Many companies were getting permission to do business with Huawei lately. Among them, notable ones are AMD, Intel, Samsung Display, and many more. If the report is true, then there are about 300 companies waiting to get approval from the US government.

US Government has been in a struggle with Huawei. After banning its companies from using Huawei’s 5G equipment over security concerns, it recently blocked the company’s chip business too. Due to this, Huawei came under a lot of pressure. It couldn’t use Google’s services, manufacture its own Kirin chipsets through TSMC, and spread its 5G technology world-wide.

The Chinese Tech Giant Huawei is the world’s leading smart phone brand. It ranks second in the world after South Korean brand Samsung, Huawei has a share of 14.62% in world and due to this it makes this brand the leading one. The Main reason of US ban and keep them away to do business with the leading tech companies is it ranks second and ahead of US smart phone company Apple. Apple IPhone has a share of 13% which ranks them fourth in the ranking.

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