Twitter Reportedly Working on Adding a ‘Dislike’ Button

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Nov, 2020. 02:16 pm

Twitter is now working on various new features to lessen the spread of misinformation. It is reportedly ‘exploring’ the option of adding a ‘dislike’ button.

Twitter’s product head said during a Tuesday Twitter exchange with cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh that while adding some sort of downvoting capability isn’t among the platform’s top priorities in the same way that limiting the spread of misinformation, removing bot users and eliminating harassment are, the feature was “something we’re exploring.”

Twitter does already include an option to downvote the content that appears on the timeline through the “Not interested in this tweet” button. Users can select the label and can de-prioritize similar content in their feeds without muting or blocking the user.

Earlier, the social media giant has launched a new ‘fleets’ feature that involves story-like posts that last for only 24 hours.

The feature introduces ephemeral, which will allow users to post texts, photos, videos, and tweets for a day. It was first announced and tested earlier this year.

However, users seemed to be clueless about ‘fleets’, as Twitter does not appear to notify users when the other user reposts one of their tweets in the fleet. Sharing the tweet is easy, as you are given an option to share the tweet in the fleet, along with other sharing and messaging options.

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