WhatsApp Is Launching The Shopping Option For Its Business Accounts

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2020. 04:49 pm
WhatsApp status

WhatsApp has announced to launch the new feature of the shopping button in place of a voice call option for the people with business accounts.

During November 2019, WhatsApp Business accounts were introduced with the catalog feature for giving the products a better display. In this way, the scope of small and medium-sized businesses become wider. However, clients had to browse through the profiles in order to navigate the established catalog of the companies. Now, WhatsApp brings a simpler way to navigate these shopping catalogs. A new shopping button will be launched in place of the current voice call button soon. 

Previously it was just limited to Whatsapp’s Beta version. But now it will be open globally for iOS and Android users. But

The button will appear during a personal chat on the business accounts only.

This will provide great comfort to the customers and also make the shopping experience much easier and efficient than ever before.

It is still very popular to access business catalogs via profiles, but this new shopping button will further broaden the app’s business usage and make it a great forum for e-commerce and online companies. While still being a brilliant and commonly used messaging service.

With this, the WhatsApp call button is upgraded and merged. The users while placing a call will be given options to choose between voice call and video call. However, in place of the vacant space, WhatsApp will accommodate the shopping button.

It is also being reported that in the future WhatsApp will charge fees from the owners of business accounts for its services. In order to bring more value to the experience of the customers and the company holders.


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