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10 Tips To Level Up Your New Xbox Series X/S

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

29th Dec, 2020. 04:05 pm
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New Xbox

1. Get the Xbox Mobile App

The redesigned Xbox app for Android or iOS is essential. It gives you access to your friends and chat, enables you to choose games and trigger downloads remotely, and offers access to screenshots and captured gameplay videos from your Xbox for easy sharing. Best of all, you can use Xbox Remote Play to stream games from your console to your phone or tablet.

2. Customize Your Home Screen and Guide

On the home screen, press the View button (the one on the left that looks like two windows) and it will bring up the ‘Customize Home’ settings.

3. Transfer Games From Your Xbox One

You can find any old games you own from your previous Xbox console by pressing the Xbox button and selecting My Games & Apps > Full Library > All Owned Games. While you can download any of these games, it will be much faster to transfer them from your old console. To do this, make sure your Xbox One and your new Series X or S are turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On your new Xbox, go to Settings > System > Backup and Transfer > Network Transfer, then check the option, select your old console, choose what you want to copy over, and then click Copy Selected to start the process.

4. Choose the Right Display Settings

It should be ensured that the display is set up optimally. You can do this in Settings > General > TV & Display Options, where you’ll find everything from resolution settings to refresh rate to HDR calibration.

5. Customize Your Controller

You can set up your controller preferences to dictate what each button should do, invert controls, or change the vibration intensity. To choose all of this and more, go to Settings > Devices & Connections and choose Accessories and Configure.

6. Link Your Controller to Your Profile

You can link your controller to your profile. This means you can simply turn your controller on, and the Xbox will sign you in automatically. To do this, use the controller you want to link and go to Settings > Account > Sign-In, Security & Passkey and find the This Controller Signs In option.

7. Use Your Old Controllers

The controllers are easy to link. Hold down the small, circular button next to the USB port on your new console until the power button starts to flash, then hold down the small, circular button on the top of the Xbox One controller until the Xbox button starts to flash. When the flashing stops, they’re synced and ready to go.

8. Play Blu-rays on Your Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X can double up as a 4K Blu-ray player, but it doesn’t have the necessary app installed by default. You can choose to download it from the Microsoft Store.

Head into Settings > Devices & Connections > Blu-ray, and turn on Let My Receiver Decode Audio.

9. Save Power

Go to Settings > General > Power Mode & Startup, this is where you can decide how long you have to be inactive for the console to turn off.

One can also choose between Instant-On and Energy-Saving under Power mode. If you want to control your console remotely, turn it on with voice commands, and get into the action as quickly as possible, go for Instant-On. If you want to save power, then opt for the latter.

10. Capture Screenshots and Videos

Fine-tune your capture settings by going to Settings > Preferences > Capture & Share. Set the length of gameplay video to capture, the preferred quality, where they should be saved, and whether you want to upload clips to the cloud for easy access in the Xbox mobile app.

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