Apple hit with €10 million fine in Italy for misleading commercial performs

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

01st Dec, 2020. 11:12 pm

The authority in Italy has slapped a fine of almost 10 million euros on Apple this week.

The company is being fined for aggressive and misleading commercial performs for its IPhones.

According to the reports, the regulators said in a statement that the Cupertino based giant had been advertising certain aspects regarding its iPhones that might not be true. The primary criminal here is the water resistance claims that the company offered. Apparently, the water resistance claim only held true in certain controlled environments, which was never clarified to its customer. In other words, real world scenarios for its water resistance did not hold up quite well, and that this false claim has been tracked down till the iPhone 8.

Additionally, the issue also spreads towards its warranty period of time as well. Apple added a disclaimer that stated that its iPhones were not covered under warranty if they suffered damage from liquids.

This basically tricked the customers that believed that their phones were water resistant, but could not seek support in the case of the device receiving damaged due to exposure to liquids, as stated by the antitrust body.

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