Increased demand for PCs and Smartphones strained global tech supply chain

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

09th Dec, 2020. 09:40 pm

The Increasing demand for PCs and smartphones thriving across the globe, the tech supply chain has been strained this year.

Tech giants are struggling to keep up with demand as their supply chains are working around the clock to deliver.

According to the reports, companies like Intel, MediaTek, and Realtek have all been asking UMC for more support. UMC is the one that supplies most WiFi and power chips to these chip making giants, and is being ‘squeezed’ by rising component demands, as per people close to the matter.

As per one source, “Most of the time we are begging for more chip orders and chip developers are asking for price cuts. But this time even if they were willing to pay more, we do not have much additional capacity to support them.”

For those who are unaware of this problematic situations in the PC market and smartphone industry arrives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The viral outbreak disrupted supply chain across the globe as demand for workstations grew worldwide due to shifting professional or even educational norms.

Currently, work from home or remote working has become increasingly more common while education has shifted to the digital realm as well, which has caused a sudden rise in demand for laptops, PCs, and other large screened devices.

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