Samsung releases new game driver app to update its GPU drivers

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

12th Dec, 2020. 08:39 pm

Qualcomm was the first chipmaker to introduce support for updateable GPU drivers with the launch of Snapdragon 865.

Reports are comng that, chip maker ARM also announced support for the same. That said, Xiaomi became the first OEM to release an app to update GPU drivers on its devices earlier this year. The company was later followed by OPPO and vivo. Now, Samsung has also joined this bandwagon with its new GameDriver app.

Smartphones are the gateway to the internet in many developing nations.

They are also the people’s first computer and gaming device. Therefore, with the introduction of more affordable smartphones, the smartphone gaming industry has been growing at a higher rate than ever before.

With the growth of this industry, chipmakers added support for updateable GPU drivers just like on PC. Therefore, with a proper app, OEMs can deliver GPU driver updates without relying on system updates. This also allows them to fix issues quickly.

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