Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $15m for basic-income support

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th Dec, 2020. 11:48 pm
Jack Dorsey

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has donated $15 million to fund universal basic income programmes in the United States (US).

The donation by Jack Dorsey will help cities send cheques to more than 1,500 families. It comes as poverty rates in the US rise amidst economic downfall due to Coronavirus pandemic.

More than 12 million Americans are at risk of losing access to unemployment benefits at the end of the month, as the government’s virus aid expires.

“Philanthropy and charity is not justice but in the absence of leadership and action… our constituents need cash relief,” said Michael Tubbs, the outgoing mayor of Stockton, who founded the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income Network in June.

The donation will provide the 30 cities in the network up to $500,000 each for their universal basic income programmes, many of which have been announced in recent months as the crisis has unfolded.

They also offer variety of degrees of support. For example, Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania said it plans to give 200 residents $500 a month for two years, while in Compton, in California, help will go to 800 families, with support varying depending on factors like number of children.

On Twitter, Mr Dorsey thanked the mayors for their efforts and wrote that he hoped the experiments would “inform federal policy in the future”.

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