WHO launches app for covid-19 updates & guidance

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

26th Dec, 2020. 07:55 pm

World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a mobile application to deliver the latest COVID-19 guidance and updates.

Titled WHO COVID-19 Updates, the app provides “trusted” information about the virus from health experts.

WHO Launches Mobile App for COVID-19 Updates, Again

It though doesn’t offer features including contact tracing that is quite common among the apps released by several governments across the globe.

WHO primarily brought its coronavirus-focussed mobile app in April that it pulled from app stores shortly after release as it wasn’t meant for public availability.

The WHO COVID-19 Updates app offers the latest local news and information and real-time notifications, based on your location. It shows national and global cases count on the home screen to let people keep a track of the coronavirus outbreak.

You can also scroll down to see all the basic hygiene practices. The app also provides you with a link to let you donate to WHO’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

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