Apple surpasses Samsung, Huawei & becomes world’s leading brand

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

28th Jan, 2021. 10:43 pm

The American tech giant Apple beats the Korean and Chinese giants Samsung and Huawei after it achieved record shipments of its iPhones. The company saw a notable jump in shipments in the fourth and final quarter of last year, while Huawei and Samsung see a major drop.

As per reports, the giant saw a sizeable jump of 22 percent in terms of shipments during this quarter. The company’s good sales come from its latest launched smartphone iPhone 12 series this lineup consists of 5G technology.

Additionally, the boost in sales was also helped by pent up market demand, particularly for people looking to upgrade from their older Apple iPhone models.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone shipments crossed 90 million units, which is the highest compared to any other quarter. This also gave the company a global market share of 23.4 percent.

The fourth quarter is usually the strongest for the company owing to its launch of new iPhones during the second half of a year. Apple passed Samsung, despite the South Korean brand also seeing a 6.2 percent rise year on year, reaching 73.9 million units and achieving a market share of 19.1 percent. For now, Huawei saw a drastic impact on its shipments due to US sanctions, which had its shipments fall by a record 42.4 percent to 32.3 million units.

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