How To Hide Your Profile Picture On WhatsApp?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Jan, 2021. 01:35 pm
WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp profile photo feature enables you to set a display photo so your friends can easily recognize you. However, you may not want everybody to see you.

WhatsApp users often fear that someone can take screenshots of their profile photos. However, messaging platforms provide an opportunity for users to change their settings. Have a look at the settings below:

Open WhatsApp and open the settings

Click on account and click on Privacy

Tap on the Profile photo

In the profile setting, everyone is allowed to see your profile photo. However, you can change the setting to my contact if you want your photo to be seen only by people whose numbers are saved.

But. If you want no one to see your photo, click on ‘no one’. Your photo will be hidden from everyone.

WhatsApp has not yet provided the feature to hide the photo from the selected contacts. You can change the settings from the aforementioned steps if you do not want to share your photo.

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