Microsoft to update its Teams service with a new Dynamic View

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

12th Jan, 2021. 03:30 pm
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced that it will be updating its Teams service with a new Dynamic View in March.

As the world deals with the remote work challenges amidst the pandemic, companies offering video conferencing services are constantly innovating and evolving to meet growing business and personal communications needs.

Microsoft Teams users have substantially increased over the last 10 months of the pandemic and the service is currently being used by more than 115 million people every day.

With this new feature, Microsoft Teams users will now be able to share content side by side on their screen during video calls. This new feature is ideal for the business world as it enables multiple participants to easily present slides or watch a live together.

Currently the video feeds on Teams becomes tiny when other people are sharing their screen. However, Teams hopes to use Microsoft’s Gallery View to enable participants to personalize their view and become part of a more interactive experience.

Microsoft teams also plans on improving its service in many other ways. For instance, active speakers and those who virtually raised their hands will now be clearly highlighted. Users will also be able to pin people next to dynamic content.

While this feature was originally unveiled in July 2020, it will be available for Teams users in March, 2021.

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