Samsung Galaxy S21 may not have a Micro SD card slot

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

01st Jan, 2021. 10:48 pm

Almost everything about Samsung’s upcoming flagship lineup has leaked online these past few weeks. From the fancy new design to the full spec sheets, there’s nothing really left for Samsung to reveal on January 14th, the official day of the Galaxy S21 launch.

Naturally, we can expect many improvements on the hardware front, but it seems Samsung will also be taking a step behind in some respects, such as the ability to expand the storage on the cheap with a microSD card.

Previous specs leaks have suggested the Galaxy S21 lineup will not sport a microSD slot. Reports are coming that, “memory card reader” isn’t included on the Galaxy S21 spec sheet.

Samsung isn’t a stranger to stripping away features that make its flagship phones stand apart from the competition, it’s not hard to sound that the company decided to do away with expandable storage for the Galaxy S21 lineup.

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