Samsung to introduce soon 90Hz OLED display for Laptops

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

21st Jan, 2021. 04:10 pm

The Korean tech giant Samsung to introduce a 90Hz OLED display for laptops very soon. Samsung has recently launched its flagship-level smartphone Galaxy s21, but now the tech giant will introduce the world’s first 90 Hz refresh rate display.

This new type of screen is likely to be available in Q1 2021. Joo Sun Choi, CEO of Samsung Display said that the plan is to originally make very large quantities of 14-inch, 90Hz OLED displays for the laptops and notebooks, beginning in March.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary from Samsung to make display technologies, trusts that customers will quickly adopt the idea of OLED displays offering a 90Hz refresh rate, even though the OLED panels require the use of a high-spec. graphics card.

Thus, OLED screens can make gaming and movie watching a more vibrant, pleasurable experience, without compromise, claims the company.

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