Telegram Puts The Last Nail By Trolling WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Jan, 2021. 07:56 pm
Telegram Puts The Last Nail By Trolling Whastapp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, launched a change to its privacy last week, which has drawn strong criticism from users.

And now WhatsApp-style messaging app Telegram has put the last nail on application by trolling WhatsApp new privacy policy.

Note that the new rules and privacy policy of WhatsApp will be implemented from February 8, 2021, and users must accept them, otherwise, their accounts will be deleted.

The company’s authority over user data will increase, and businesses will be able to store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s services.

Most of the users are angry over this change of WhatsApp and they also expressed their anger on the social networking website Twitter.

And the new policy has seen an increase in download rates for alternative messaging apps, including Telegram and Signal.

Telegram didn’t leave the chance to promote their messenger application and trolled WhatsApp on Twitter after users criticized the new privacy policy.

The messaging service Telegram shared a meme on its official Twitter account in which two Spider-Man men were pointing at each other, one with Facebook on his head and the other with a WhatsApp icon.

In another tweet, Telegram also shared a funny coffin dance meme video about WhatsApp’s new policy.

This shows that Telegram is targeting the policy of WhatsApp users in a humorous way when they turn to other messaging apps.

Telegram also responded to some tweets based on WhatsApp’s comparison to Telegram.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, suggested using the Signals app in a tweet after WhatsApp’s privacy policy was introduced.

After his tweet, the number of new users on the signal increased so much that the registration of new users was also delayed.

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