Apple’s new watch chassis may improve its wireless reception

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

06th Feb, 2021. 11:16 pm

Apple is seemingly working on making tweaks to the inside mechanisms of one of its most superior wearable products.

As per reports, the company is preparing to make numerous parts of the Apple Watch to help in refining the device’s wireless reception.

Tech giant Apple is working on improving the reception of its WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, UWB, and other antenna functions. The company is working on adding more usefulness to the components of the Apple Watch, by having them be incorporated with antennas.

A current patent titled “Electronic Devices Having Millimeter Wave Ranging Capabilities” was spotted that described a “phased antenna array.” This means that instead of using a single bulky antenna under the hood that takes up too much space on the insider, the company wishes to spread it out via smaller antennas embedded on different parts and across the chassis. Essentially, spreading out the “wireless communications circuitry.”

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