Digitonics Scam Cartel | Latest Updates on Digitonics money laundering and fraud case

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

03rd Feb, 2021. 12:05 am

The FIA, which has been conducting key operations for Pakistan in the context of FATF, had recently carried out a major operation in which DIGITONICS along with 20 other companies were found involved in International Scam and Money Laundering.

BOL News has attained important updates regarding this matter according to which, FIA Islamabad’s higher ups have suggested Sindh Cyber Crime Wing superiors that they should not take any sort of pressure and proceed with the investigation as per the law. Advising measures to take law abiding actions in this case, the superiors in FIA Headquarters stated that any sort of pressure should not be taken and a holistic approach should be taken while investigating the matter. On the other hand, according to Additional Director Cyber Crime Sindh Faizullah Corejo and Deputy Director Abdul Ghaffar, all the matter are being directly ‘handled from Islamabad’. It is also important to know that according to FIA sources, the secret money laundering business is still being continued on a big scale with the help of important investors.  Two different lobbies are working in state institution and the run to save owners of Digitonics, along with those of 20 other anti state organizations, is ongoing.

According to FIR, Digitonics had created fake e-mail addresses in USA, UK, and other countries to defraud international customers. The accused used to withdraw money by stealing codes from customers’ ATMs. The FIR also stated that Digitonics had set up 12 bank accounts for fraudulent transactions.

Earlier in January 2021, FIA conducted a crackdown on Digitonics, involved in International Scam and Money Laundering. Digitonics used to steal data through illegal means by disguising themselves as Americans from international customers.
The Sales President of Digitonics, while giving his statement told that Digitonics used to get the customers’ ATM code numbers through illegal means. Whereas, it is the responsibility of banks to take the customer’s codes and protect them. Digitonics used 12 different bank accounts for fraudulent transactions.

Moreover, the Sales President also confessed that some sales agents used to commit illegal activities to increase sales

The witness also confessed that the agents used to debit money from the customers’ bank accounts and they used to return the debited money to the customers who identified the illegal activity.

According to sources, FIA have received a green signal from Islamabad to conduct a crackdown against Olive digital, Salsoft, AB Tach, Legendesk and 16 more.
FIA has vowed to take down this scam cartel bringing bad reputation to Pakistan and will shut them down in next 15 days
There are major evidences that those companies were working as cartel as they used to abduct and beat workers willing to switch jobs, sometimes workers were also locked in the office for more than 48 hours and were not allowed to leave until they all make the scam calls including female employees. In one incidence, an employee was denied access to water for not meeting his sales target
Sources also claims that a request to put the names of owners and management of all 20 companies of cartel on ECL is also under consideration.

The FIA, which has been conducting key operations for Pakistan in the context of the FATF, had recently carried out a major operation in which, according to the to work this time. And the matter will be brought to an end by taking strict action against the culprits on the basis of merit.

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