UAE successfully launches spacecraft in Mars orbit on first attempt

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

09th Feb, 2021. 10:54 pm

United Arab Emirates (UAE) becomes the 5th country that successfully sent a spacecraft to mars, this is a big step towards space program for UAE.

UAE has named its space aircraft “Hope” and it is designed to orbit Mars and study the Martian atmosphere using three scientific instruments onboard the spacecraft.

The strategy for the spacecraft is to enter a high orbit between 13,500 by 27,000 miles high. From this vantage point, the spacecraft will observe the weather down on Mars.

According to the space agency, Hope will improve understanding of circulation and weather in the Martian lower and middle atmosphere. The space agency also lives stream of its space aircraft.

Sarah al-Amiri minister of state for advanced technology said,

“Anything that slightly goes wrong and you lose the spacecraft.”

The UAE hopes to motivate a new generation of scientists and space travelers with the $200 million mission.

“This mission was never about just reaching Mars,” said Omran Sharaf, Amal’s project manager. “Mars is just a means for a much bigger objective.”

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