Explore history of electronic music with Google Arts & Culture

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

11th Mar, 2021. 01:38 pm
Google Arts & Culture

Google’s recent Arts & Culture online platform allows users who are inclined towards house and electronic music, to explore their interests.

The history of the genre is celebrated on this platform, allowing music composers to highlight people, sounds and various technology and machinery which have aided in giving recognition to electronic music.

More than 50 record labels and esteemed international music institutions like Moogseum helped Google with this project of theirs.

Entire sections are dedicated to different genres of music like Dubstep and Electronic. Users can even find short written segments on various artists.

Google Street View can be used to see locations of long-closed and influential clubs such as Plastic People.

Another feature Google Arts and Culture offers is the AR synth module which permits users to compose music using five contemporary instruments such as the Roland CR-78 and Akai S900.

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