Tech giant Google introduces new tab group feature

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

02nd Mar, 2021. 12:00 am

The Android users of the Google Chrome browser may have noticed the new tabs group feature that was recently activated on Google Android.

The new feature gives a very nice look to all open tabs and groups tabs together to improve the compactness and appeal of the overall tab layout.

The new tabs group feature will now be available on Google Chrome for desktop. This releases after a series of difficult and extensive trials of the feature.

The tabs group feature on the desktop version of Google Chrome will prove to be an invaluable tool to quickly organize a user’s browsing activities for enhanced productivity.

There are signs that users of the Google Chrome browser for Android will soon be able to see and activate the Follow button feature on Google Chrome for Android. It enables the Chrome desktop or ChromeOS user to create new groups by right-clicking the selected tab.

You will be able to add some spice to the layout by giving it a color and name before creating the group. In addition, you can select multiple tabs by pressing shift while clicking the left mouse button.

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