Tech giant Huawei might launch its first high-end monitor with smart TV

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

19th Mar, 2021. 10:46 pm

The US-affected firm Huawei the Chinese tech giant will soon launch its first high-end monitor with smart television.

According to the reports, the tech giant is focusing on other products instead of mobile devices, because the United States has sanctioned Huawei over buying American semi-conductors plus also banned using Google Play services.

Earlier, Huawei has launched its Mate station B515 as the company’s first desktop computer. The package includes a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The Chinese tech giant may soon release a high-end monitor. This upcoming Huawei monitor with codename HSN will ship with a 135W adapter with model number HW-200675CD1.

On the other hand, Huawei will also launch smart TV which is certified by 3c, the television with model number HD75FREA will have a 75-inch LED-backlit LCD panel.

Huawei will soon announce the launch date of the above-mentioned two products.

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