Tech giant Samsung’s amoled panels get growth in china

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2021. 09:20 pm

Tech giant Samsung’s flexible AMOLED panels have seen a rise in sales in the People’s Republic of China which has doubled the penetration rate in the mobile device segment in the region over last year.

As per reports, the Chinese mobile device maker has thought to use flexible AMOLED panels which are made by the local manufacturer. The tech giant has recently launched its E4 AMOLED panel, which comes with more advanced features like 1,500 nites over 1,200 nits from the previous generation. This new model of the display panel is capable of reaching a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1.

Moreover, the firm has also lowered the prices of the AMOLED panels that are now more affordable than the ones made from local Chinese vendors’ LTPS TFT LCD displays.

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