Apple’s iPad and Macbook production delayed due to worldwide ship shortage

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

08th Apr, 2021. 11:51 pm

The American tech giant Apple’s iPad and MacBook production delayed due to the global components shortage.

As per reports, there were many key components which is required by Apple this chip shortage has now been affecting an important part of the MacBook production process. As per source concerns to this matter, the production of iPads has also been postponed due to the shortage of displays and display components.

Experts also believe that these postponements are a sign that the chip shortage issue is mounting more dangerously and could impact smaller tech firms as well. Apple is one of the major tech giants in the world and boasts a vast and complex supply chain.

Earlier, tech giant’s contract manufacturer Foxconn has said that the shipments for the devices may be decreased by 10 percent due to the ongoing global shortage of chipsets.

The company also added that Apple is “cautiously optimistic” about the outlook for the rest of the year.

For those who didn’t know that Foxconn is responsible for assembling iPhone models for Apple. In the statement, the company has not mentioned Apple but it is the company’s biggest client. The company has stated that it “has a rather limited impact on orders received a long time ago.”

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