Intel to supply self-driving systems for delivery trucks: Reports

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

13th Apr, 2021. 09:58 am

The world’s largest processor company Intel to supply self-driving systems to Silicon Valley startup Udelv, which plans to have a fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles in action within two years.

Mobileye chief Amnon Shashua said in a statement that,

“Our deal with Udelv is significant for its size, scope, and rapid deployment timeline,”

“COVID-19 has accelerated demand for autonomous goods delivery, and we are delighted to partner with Udelv to address this demand in the near term.”

This Mobileeye Drive system will allow Udelv to in the production and placement of transportation vehicles, according to the startup’s chief executive, Daniel Laury.

Udelv said in a post, “Early on, we determined that one element is inseparable from the other,” “Without autonomy, one cannot remove the driver; and without the delivery robotics, and the autonomous vehicle remains utterly useless.”

Earlier, Intel will spend 20 Billion Dollars to develop two new chip plants in the United States.

As per reports, this decision will increase the production of chips in the US and Europe. The move comes after the shortage of the semi-conductor, which are used in a growing array of products such as cars.

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said in a statement that,

“Intel’s investment will help to preserve US technology innovation and leadership, strengthen US economic and national security, and protect and grow thousands of high-tech, high-wage American jobs.”

Intel chief executive Pat Gelsinger announced the investment during a virtual press conference about the firm’s new strategy as they are facing hard competition, and they should come up with new ways to tackle the situation.

Gelsinger said in his statement,

“Intel is the only company with the depth and breadth of software, silicon and platforms, packaging, and process with at-scale manufacturing customers can depend on for their next-generation innovations.”

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