Mercedes Introduces World’s Most Aerodynamic Electric Car EQS

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Apr, 2021. 08:31 pm
Mercedes Introduces World's Most Aerodynamic Electric Car EQS

Mercedes has introduced the world’s most aerodynamic electric car EQS.

The interior design of this car looks more like a space plane of the future than a car, while its dashboard is almost completely covered with screens.

A total of 3 screens are available on the 56-inch elbow glass surface, including a passenger screen that is not visible to the driver.

The company has not yet announced the price of the car, but it is estimated that it will cost at least a million dollars to buy it.

Originally, this car was introduced in comparison to Tesla, but the design of the Mercedes is more unique.

The exterior design of the EQS is similar to that of the S-Class Mercedes, but also slightly different from the front.

Mercedes EQS

It is the first electric car to be part of Mercedes’ new platform and features state-of-the-art batteries.

The battery in this electric vehicle provides 516 horsepower and 611 torque power while on full charge this vehicle will be able to travel up to 478 miles.

The car has several features for the safety and comfort of the passengers.

Mercedes EQS

Notable among these features is the driver-assist system which controls the speed and braking of the vehicle while also controlling other functions like switching lenses or keeping the vehicle in its lane.

Mercedes EQS

It also has an augmented reality system that notifies the driver of the destination by displaying 3D graphics through a head-up display.

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