Microsoft announces surprise change for Windows 10 Aero Shake

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23rd Apr, 2021. 10:04 pm
Microsoft announces surprise change for Windows 10 Aero Shake

As such, the company has released updated release notes for Windows 10 version 21364, notifying users that Aero Shake – the feature that allows you to take a window from the title bar and “shake it” to minimize all others windows – is revealing something of a change.

The Aero Shake gesture has been part of the operating system since Windows 7 and has proven to be somewhat divisible, and it is safe to say that the change is likely to cause division.

Microsoft does not remove Windows shortcuts, but they will be disabled by default. In addition, a new option has been introduced in Settings so that the feature can be activated.

With many people discovering Aero Shake only by mistake when they hit a temperamental mouse vigorously, interrupting the function by default is, without a doubt, a good move by Microsoft.

But for Windows fans who minimize the gesture, the change means that reinstalling Windows 10 will mean in the future don’t forget to reactivate the configuration manually.

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