“rule-breaking videos get scant views”, says YouTube

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 10:47 pm
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YouTube on Tuesday said rule-breaking videos get looked at very little before they are removed by the platform.

YouTube said, “Violative View Rate” to its monthly transparency report to specify what percentage of views come from content that violates its policies, and said the figure was a small fraction of a percent in the final three months of last year.

YouTube director of trust and safety Jennifer O’Connor said while briefing journalists,

“It’s a very low number, Of course, we want it to be lower, and that’s what my team works day in and day out to try to do.”

Jennifer further added to her statement that,

“The rate derived by sampling YouTube content indicated that violating content accounted for 16 to 18 of every 10,000 views on the platform, where the biggest category for rule-breaking is typically spam.”

Earlier, YouTube has introduced hashtag landing pages. Youtube has posted this news on their Google support page.

 Youtube said on its support page,

“This new feature will help users discover videos through hashtags.”

Other platforms like Twitter and Instagram were using these hashtags for many years these news hashtag landing pages will be available through both the YouTube apps on Android and iOS and its desktop version.

Youtube is changing its way that will help its users to discover videos by grouping content together. The app would show you the content which is related to that particular hashtag while clicking on a hashtag will take the user to a dedicated page that only has videos that use the particular hashtag.

Google has said the dedicated page for that hashtag will be organized in a way that the best videos appear on the top.

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