Swiss robots use UV light to disinfect passenger aircrafts

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 12:05 am

This pandemic time hit so much hard to this world including the airline industry, and many airlines in the world are still dealing with the covid-19 effects.

According to the reports, a Swiss company, UVeya has made robots capable of using ultraviolet (UV) light to check passenger airplanes clean of viruses before they entered the plane. The firm is leading pilot trials within aircraft owned by Helvetic Airways, owned by Martin Ebner, a Swiss billionaire.

The pilot trials were conducted to sure that the robots are capable of killing virus germs in aircraft using UV light. Before the UV spraying robots can be certified safe for use, all safety concerns must be addressed by the robot’s manufacturer.

If these pilot trials come positive, then UVeya may produce the robots in commercial amounts, and we would expect them to have a high demand for UV spraying robots worldwide.

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