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Out Of Control Chinese Rocket Set To Reenter Earth This Weekend

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th May, 2021. 06:13 pm
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Out Of Control Chinese Rocket Set To Reenter Earth This Weekend

A large Chinese rocket that went out of control is expected to enter the Earth’s atmosphere on May 8 and its debris could fall anywhere on Earth.

Long March 5B rocket is 100 feet long and weighs 22 tons, which could enter the Earth’s atmosphere any time after May 8.

It is not possible to pinpoint the location of the rocket’s entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, but details of the rocket’s location can be found on the Space Track website.

The good news is that such debris falling to the ground is usually not a major threat to public safety.

However, scientists such as Harvard University professor Jonathan McDowell said that the risk of collision or damage to the wreckage is not very high, but it can not be ignored, because it can happen.

“But the risk of it hitting you directly is negligible,” he said.

The European Space Agency has predicted a ‘risk zone’ for debris that will cover parts of the United States, the whole of Africa, Australia, southern Japan, parts of Asia, and Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece in Europe.

The reason for predicting such a large area is that the speed of the rocket is very high and even a small change in the Earth’s atmosphere can change the location of the debris.

“We expect the rocket to enter the Earth’s atmosphere on May 8-10, and during that two days it will make three orbits around the world,” said Jonathan McDowell.

He said the rocket was travelling at a speed of 18,000 miles per hour and it was more likely that its debris would fall into the ocean, as the sea area is larger than the land surface.

The rocket was launched on April 29 to send the first part of space to China’s new space station and was left unmanned in space after the success of the mission.

According to Jonathan McDowell, there are no international laws or regulations in this regard, but it is not uncommon for large rockets to be launched into Earth orbit.

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