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WhatsApp finds a solution to protect user’s privacy

Suhaib AhmedWeb Editor

28th May, 2021. 10:17 pm
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Finally, WhatsApp finds a solution to protect their user's privacy

WhatsApp users should know that sharing their six-digit pin with anyone else can result in hacking their account.

According to the international media, many WhatsApp users around the world have faced this issue and their accounts have been hacked by sharing this pin, however, the WhatsApp management is continuously working to ensure their user privacy and get rid of this issue as soon as possible.

‘WhatsApp beta’ is currently working on the ‘flash call’ feature and soon they will introduce this feature for all users, according to which their users after logging into the app will directly going to verify their phone number.

The Flash call feature requires the user permission to get access to their call log, through which the user will directly receive a call from WhatsApp and gave them access to the account.

To use this feature the user has to enable this feature manually, as it will be an optional feature and will only be available for the beta version of Android. This feature will work only if the user allows WhatsApp to access their call log.

In the past, WhatsApp management informed their user about the sensitivity of the six-digit pin and told them not to share it with anyone.

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