Mobile applications that make your journey easier

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Sep, 2021. 04:18 pm
Mobile applications that make your journey easier

Technology experts have come up with a complete list of some of the best applications to make travel easy, fun and comfortable.


While travelling if you’ve ever experienced the pain of a delayed or cancelled flight, or been denied boarding because of overbooking, This application will be right up your alley. Just enter a few details and flight information about the problem, and the company takes care of the rest.

Pack Point application

This application provides users with a complete list of the most important items to help you make travel bags and travel accessories.


This app lets you rent individual rooms, couches, or an entire apartment from the area you are travelling, It’s a good medium between hostels and hotels.

Global Shark Tracker App

This application detects the locations of shark attacks on beaches through a world map that determines your presence in the area. The application also shows the whereabouts of any shark in the ocean and warns the user if any of them are less than a minute apart.


This application will help you to find cheap flights.

QSun application

This application helps you to reap the benefits of sunlight and vitamin D. The application will tell you that for healthy skin, what is the right time to expose your body to the sun and protects you from its harmful UV rays.

Tides Near Me App

The application helps predict the timing and occurrence of waves in coastal areas, as well as warn of large waves that could endanger swimmers’ lives.

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