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Leaked iPhone 14 Pro notchless display design is AMAZING

iPhone 14

Leaked iPhone 14 Pro notchless display design is AMAZING

We’ve known for a while that Apple is planning to ditch the notch and go the Android phone route with the iPhone 14 Pro models this year, with a display punch hole for the selfie camera and other Face ID components hidden beneath the screen, similar to what Samsung did with the Z Fold 3’s main screen camera.

That storey was recently confirmed by another source a few days ago, but now the leaker has re-posted a supposed iPhone 14 Pro Max panel, revealing what Apple’s true aspirations for a notchless phone design would be.

Last we heard, Apple was planning to employ a large pill-shaped punch hole to house the Face ID components such as the infrared camera and flood light. According to reports, Apple will use both a pill-shaped and a circular cutout in the display to contain everything that is currently housed in the iPhone’s notch.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro punch hole design

It turns out that Apple indeed intends to use an elliptical punch hole, in the way that, say, Samsung has a dual front-facing camera of the S10 series, but it will house the selfie camera, while a dedicated circular punch hole on its right side will be for a Face ID component. Here’s the supposed iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max panel from the back to illustrate the setup.

It turns out that Apple will utilise an elliptical punch hole, similar to how Samsung’s S10 series has two front-facing cameras, but it will be used to house the selfie camera, with a specialised circular punch hole on the right side for a Face ID component. To demonstrate the setup, here’s a shot of the back panel of the rumoured iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max.

The cherry on top is that the round punch hole, like on the Z Fold 3, is meant to be reflective and house the dot projector element of the Face ID kit behind the screen, so the pill-shaped cutout will be the only thing visible when gazing straight at the iPhone 14 Pro/Max screens

This one will house the selfie camera, and we’re delighted Apple isn’t burying it behind the panel, as under-display selfie cameras have shown they still have a long way to go before catching up to traditional open-lens selfie cameras.

In fact, according to the source, all of the iPhone 14 models may have a new selfie camera, as both the one in the elliptical punch hole of the Pro series and the cutout in the “refined” notch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max are said to be larger than those on the iPhone 13 series, and resemble those carrying ultrawide angle lenses.

Users of the iPhone 14 will be able to accommodate a lot more people in the frame while taking selfies, and Face ID accuracy may be increased as well. It’s unclear which Face ID component will be fickle enough to require housing next to the selfie camera in the elliptical cutout rather than underneath the display.

Those of you anticipating that now that Apple has started putting stuff under the display, it will equip some iPhone 14 models with both Face ID and Touch ID modules will be disappointed. According to the source, there was no under-screen fingerprint scanner component attached to the leaked iPhone 14 Pro panel, indicating that Apple may be saving the dual biometric move for a later iPhone model.

In any event, the crucial point is that the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will almost certainly ditch Apple’s notch-y design for the first time since the iPhone X was released. As a result, they’ll bear an immediate telling sign that you’ve purchased the more costly devices, and considering Apple’s standing as a luxury brand, we can only picture the rush to buy those when they arrive in the fall, as has happened many times before when Apple makes a substantial design change.


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