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Xiaomi note 11 will be the first smartphone with a 200mp sensor

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10th Jan, 2022. 11:54 pm
Xiaomi note 11

Xiaomi note 11 will be the first smartphone with a 200mp sensor

Xiaomi note 11: The race for megapixels has paused, but it is far from done. Last year, the industry hit the milestone of 200 megapixels thanks to Samsung’s light touch. Then they started talking about how Xiaomi would be the first company to install a new sensor in a smartphone, and that it would be in a middle-class device rather than a flagship.

OmniVision unveiled their 200 megapixel OVB0B sensor last week. We’re not surprised that, just a few days after its announcement, rumours circulated that Xiaomi will be the first to introduce a smartphone using this sensor. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro / Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was formerly the first device on the market to feature a 108-megapixel camera, according to the source. So why doesn’t the corporation repeat the trick to impress the public’s record-hungry appetite?

There is already speculation about who might have a camera with a resolution of 200 megapixels. It can be received by one of the Xiaomi Note 11 series models. If this occurs, it verifies the prediction that the business will not try to fit a 200-megapixel sensor into the flagship, but will instead test the technology in lower-end handsets.


Remember that the OmniVision OVB0B sensor has a 1/1.28 optical format and each pixel is 0.61 m in size. It allows you to snap clean and detailed photographs in the dark with a resolution of 12 megapixels thanks to pixel binning technology. It’s also the first image sensor that employ the whole image sensor for smooth and quick autofocus.

Omnivision Ovbob Promises Stunning Output

The new sensor has a 1/1.28-inch wide bottom and a 16384 x 12288-pixel resolution. It also boasts a 16-unit merging technique that is unique. Furthermore, in 12.5-megapixel mode, this sensor enables high-quality video and preview quality, especially in low-light circumstances. Furthermore, the Omnivision 200MP sensor is the first 200MP sensor that support QPD (four-phase detection). This function is used by the camera for phase detection autofocus.

The Omnivision 200MP sensor (OVB0B) has the first 16-cell binning function for 4K2K video in the industry. It has 16 times the sensitivity of comparable items. 444 pixel binning can be utilised to produce 12.5 megapixel performance and 2.44 m equivalent pixel size in low-light settings.

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