Here’s how to get refund from DoorDash

Here’s how to get refund from DoorDash

Here’s how to get refund from DoorDash

Here’s how to get refund from DoorDash


Ordering food delivery through apps like DoorDash has become extremely popular in recent years. The convenience of having restaurant meals arrive at your door with just a few taps on your phone is hard to beat.

However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. You may have received the wrong order, found items missing, or experienced a late delivery. In this case, you may want to request a refund from DoorDash.

Getting a refund from DoorDash is usually easy. However, the process depends on the specifics of your situation.

How to Get a Refund from DoorDash

If you need to get your money back for a problematic DoorDash order, what are your options?


Request a Refund in the DoorDash App

Requesting a refund directly from the DoorDash mobile app or website is the simplest approach if your situation is simple.

-Open your DoorDash app and tap the “Orders” tab

-Select the eligible order you need a refund for

-Tap “I have an issue with this order” and select the relevant options like “Order Never Arrived” or “Missing Items”

-On the next screen, provide additional details on what went wrong with your order


-Submit your request

DoorDash aims to process refunds within 5-7 business days when requested through the app. So keep an eye on your email inbox for the next steps.

Contact DoorDash Customer Support

For more complicated refund situations, contacting DoorDash Customer Support directly can help. Representatives can further investigate issues and process refunds as warranted.

You can reach out to support in two ways:

-By phone at (855) 431-0459


-Via live chat on DoorDash’s Contact Us page

When you connect with a representative, be ready to provide all the necessary order details and documentation on what went wrong. Communicating these issues will help justify your refund request.

One advantage of phone and chat support is getting real-time guidance if DoorDash needs any additional information to process your refund.

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Email DoorDash Support

You can also make DoorDash refund requests by emailing their support team directly at [email protected].


Include key details like:

-Your Order Number

-Restaurant name, address, and contact information

-Date and time the order was placed

-What went wrong requiring a refund

-Any evidence documenting the issues


Attaching images and screenshots is also helpful for validating your request.

While emailing support is convenient, it can take 1-2 days for a response. So it’s a slower option compared to in-app requests or contacting support via phone or live chat.

But for less urgent cases, it can be an easy way to get the refund process started.

Alternative Ways to Request a Refund

Along with options like the DoorDash app and Customer Support, there are many other potential avenues for refund requests depending on your specific situation.

Process Refunds Through Your Credit Card


If you paid for your DoorDash order with a credit card and have been unsuccessful in getting a refund directly, you may be able to dispute the charge with your credit card company.

You’ll still need to provide documentation on what went wrong and your efforts to resolve the issue went through DoorDash. However, your credit card company has procedures in place to dispute charges for problematic goods or services.

However, it can take up to 10-14 business days for your disputed charge refund to process.

Report Issues to the Better Business Bureau

You can also file complaints regarding DoorDash order issues with organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB allows consumers to submit documentation on problems with businesses. Complaint data gets factored into BBB ratings visible to companies like DoorDash.


o filing official complaints can provide additional leverage when trying to obtain refunds on problematic orders. Just be sure to communicate complete details and evidence supporting your case.

While the BBB doesn’t directly process refunds, strongly worded complaints do compel businesses to address issues. So reach out if you face excessive problems getting the needed refunds from DoorDash.

What Kinds of Refunds Does DoorDash Issue?

When you successfully get a refund approved by DoorDash, what form does it take? There are a few possibilities depending on the situation.

Full Refunds

If your entire order was incorrect or never delivered, DoorDash will likely process a full refund.


Partial Refunds

For issues like missing menu items or small mistakes, DoorDash may issue a smaller partial refund.

Account Credits

In some cases, DoorDash will offer account credits equal to part or all of your order amount instead of a direct refund.

These credits will apply to future orders placed on the same DoorDash account. You recoup the money through discounted orders.

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