Is PTA Tax Removed on iPhones in Pakistan in 2024?

Is PTA Tax Removed on iPhones in Pakistan in 2024?

Is PTA Tax Removed on iPhones in Pakistan in 2024?

Is PTA Tax Removed on iPhones in Pakistan in 2024?


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently responded to circulating news reports concerning the removal of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) taxes on mobile phones.

Despite claims suggesting that the Prime Minister of Pakistan declared the elimination of these taxes, the PTA clarifies that no such decision has been officially communicated by the Government of Pakistan.

These reports inaccurately suggest that returning Pakistanis will be exempt from paying these taxes and that non-PTA mobile users can easily legalize their devices by simply turning them on and off with a SIM inserted. However, the reality differs.

In July 2023, the Prime Minister extended a facility allowing overseas Pakistanis to register their handsets tax-free through the Temporary Registration System, providing a 120-day window during each visit to Pakistan. It’s important to emphasize that this temporary measure is the only one currently in place, and there has been no broader elimination of FBR taxes on handset registration.

The PTA primarily verifies the technical standards of mobile devices for registration through the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). After the payment of FBR taxes, the DIRBS ensures compliance with regulations. However, the responsibility for implementing and collecting these taxes rests solely with the FBR.


For any updates or changes regarding mobile device taxes, it is advisable to verify directly with the FBR. The PTA encourages citizens to seek accurate information from official sources rather than relying on misinformation. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

If you’re interested in the specific tax amounts for Apple iPhone 15 (All variants), here’s an overview:

Apple iPhone 15 PTA Tax Payable (All Variants):

PTA Tax on Passport: PKR 107,325

PTA Tax on CNIC: PKR 130,708

Apple iPhone 15 Plus PTA Tax:


PTA Tax on Passport: PKR 113,075

PTA Tax on CNIC: PKR 137,033

Apple iPhone 15 Pro PTA Tax:

PTA Tax on Passport: PKR 135,300

PTA Tax on CNIC: PKR 161,480

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max PTA Tax:


PTA Tax on Passport: PKR 148,500

PTA Tax on CNIC: PKR 176,000

And there are similar tax details for other iPhone models as well. Remember that these taxes are essential for bringing new phones to Pakistan and ensuring compliance with regulations.


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