Explorar Hotels and Resorts all set Launch in Thailand

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

01st Jul, 2021. 12:39 pm
Explorar Hotels and Resorts all set Launch in Thailand

Explorar Hotels and Resorts is a brand launched by Pavilions Hotels and Resorts.

The first resort, Explorar Pawapi Koh Mook, will open its doors at the start of October.

The new hotel is located on an unspoiled stretch of private sandy beach on the Peninsula of Koh Mook Island in the secluded province of Trang, Thailand.

The name, Explorar Hotels, was inspired by one of the world’s first great explorers, Christopher Colombus, who started his journey in the exploration of new lands in the 15th century.

Explorar Hotels and Resorts is targeted at the 21st-century traveler, who is in search of a light-hearted place to socialize, make local connections, and enjoy easy, fun living whilst enjoying a meaningful experience that provides value to the community. 

Explorar Hotels’ online exchange will be an organic forum for guests to interact, gather information, and ask questions, from recommendations on other hotels in the group to local restaurants, with a focus on creating a community and engaging socially with guests and the world through the website and social media platforms.

The new hotel will provide its guests with a genuinely untouched, quintessentially Thai island paradise experience.

Bungalows and villas line the white sand beach, and an open-air restaurant serves genuine Thai food as well as innovative culinary experiences.

Explorar Hotels & Resorts is striving to expand throughout Asia and Europe, both in urban and resort settings, and provides four unique themes based on the hotels’ surroundings and experiences.

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