Pakistan still on UK’s Red list for travel

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

27th Aug, 2021. 04:52 pm
Pakistan is still on the UK's Red list for travel

The UK government’s Thursday travel review revealed no changes for Pakistan, which remains on the red list, despite weeks of lobbying by the Pakistan High Commission and British Pakistani MPs.

Travelers from Pakistan will be disappointed by the UK government’s decision, as they will be subjected to an obligatory 10-day hotel quarantine, which would cost them £2250 if they arrive in the UK.

Afzal Khan, Labour MP for Manches­ter Gorton Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, tweeted: “Completely disappointed by the government’s decision to keep Pakistan on the red list. With the crisis in Afghanistan underway, Pakistan can play a huge role in delivering key humanitarian aid. The decision will upset many and cause major disruption.”

Mr. Khan tweeted a letter from Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, MP Robert Courts, in response to Mr. Khan’s letter regarding the government’s choice to retain Pakistan on the red list during the latest travel review.

Mr. Courts said, “I recognize the impact that the decision for Pakistan to remain on the red list will have on individuals, however, it is right that the government does all it can to reduce the risk of new strains of Covid-19 being imported into the UK.”

“The decision was taken to protect against new variants of Covid-19 at a critical time for the vaccine program in the UK,” he added.

The high commission said on Twitter, “Disappointed with the decision to keep Pakistan on the Red List.”

“Thousands of Pakistanis and British Pakistanis will continue to suffer. Had shared all pertinent information. There’s a question mark about the fairness and consistency of the criteria used!”



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