Sadaf Kanwal gets zero chill

By Aizbah Khan - Web Editor - BOL News

07th September, 2019

Sadaf Kanwal gets zero chill

Saturday 07th September, 2019

Pakistan Showbiz fraternity has gotten on a bumpy frenzy ride when Balu Mahi actress Sadaf Kanwal said that Mansha Pasha shouldn’t be in the industry as she is so beautiful and she belongs to home.

Pakistani actress and model Sadaf Kanwal was guest along with Azfar Reham on the talk show “BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan”.

Sadaf Kanwal expressed her thoughts in a reply to one of the question asked by Ahsan Khan in the Rapid Fire segment.

Ahsan Khan asked her a question that  who she believed should not have been a part of the industry? She asked for options but there were none, said Ahsan Khan so she replied bluntly that Mansha Pasha shouldn’t be in the industry.

Mansha Pasha is known for her supporting roles in numerous critically and commercially successful television series, including Shehr-e-Zaat, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Mera Naam Yusuf Hai.


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