Another video of Rabi Pirzada surfaces on social media

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

14th Nov, 2019. 04:28 pm
Rabi Pirzada

Days after Rabi Pirzada’s controversial videos got leaked on social media, the singer and actress announced a new beginning of life after quitting the showbiz.

Rabi Pirzada released a new video on social media, stating of reaffirming her commitment to quit the entertainment industry in order to focus on fulfilling her religious obligations.

In this new video shared by Rabi Pirzada, she says that she was silent for so long because she was looking for a suitable answer.

In this 8-minute-5-second video, Rabi reads several Qur’anic verses and translations, saying that “When a man faces a difficult time, there are two reasons, either that Allah is punishing him or maybe he is put on a trial. Yes, I figured out how to find out if it was a punishment or a trial?”

Actress said, “Someone told me that after this time, if I get caught in the swamp of sins, then this a punishment. But if it drags me close to Allah, then it was a definitely a trial.”

Earlier this week, Rabi Pirzada posted a message on social networking website Twitter that she is starting a new life.

Not only that, she also shared some of the paintings of Kaaba in her tweet as well. Paintings are assumed to be made by the actress herself.

It is to be noted that the immoral videos of the singer on social media went viral after which she became a top trend on Twitter.

Rabi Pirzada also wrote a Quranic verse at the end of one of her tweets saying that honor and humiliation is only in the hands of Allah.

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