Does your hand finger length really matter for women?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

18th Nov, 2019. 08:15 pm
hand finger

Have you ever tried to study your hand finger, they have lot of hidden secrets about your personality.

There is a research focuses on your fingers that help you figure out what your fingers say about your personality.

Actually, the research is not about all of the fingers in the hand but the ring finger and the index finger.

These two fingers in your hand can say a lot about what kind of men you are. Yes, this test only applies to men because the length of these fingers indicates the level of testosterone in men.

Fingers in men’s hand can be categorized in three types: A, B and C.

Type A: Ring finger is longer than the index finger

People with longer ring finger are handsome. They’re charming and can get along with everyone.

Yet they are a little more aggressive and are quick to take risks. This also means that these people often make more money than their colleagues with a shorter ring finger.

Type B: Ring finger is shorter than the index finger

Men with these hands are very confident and can even be a little narcissistic. These people have no trouble being alone often and don’t like being disturbed. When it comes to love, they do not venture out there a lot. They’re not the ones to make the first move.

Type C: Ring finger and index finger are the same lengths

Maybe this says enough already. Men with these hands are good mediators, very loyal and loving. Everything is balanced with these people. They’re calm and everything seems to run smoothly, as if it’s all organized.

Now, you must be thinking that why this research has done and does it make any sense of it? Answer is yes!

Men’s figures are the best tool for women to judge the personality of men, so next time if you find some women starring at your fingers, you can say her, not to judge you.

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