Women driver are actually better than men: study

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14th Nov, 2019. 07:10 pm
women driver

Women drivers are not the worst on earth as it is usually assumed, it’s not a joke, and new research related to driving skills will blow up your mind.

Female drivers have had to endure cruel jokes for decades, about their parking abilities, with men widely regarded to be more capable behind a steering wheel. But a new study could well have just thrown this stereotype into sharp reverse.

This assumption has been made on the reason that women are worse drivers is because we are more likely to be ‘distracted’ while driving, whether it be fixing makeup in the mirror, or making phone calls.

Of course, this doesn’t ring true for every female out there and multiple studies have shown that despite women being more ‘distracted’ when they drive, it’s actually men we need to watch out for. Why’s that, you ask? Keep reading for information about this study.

This research was conducted by insurance comparison website Confused.com – found 539,000 people were convicted for breaking the law while driving in England or Wales in 2018.

Out of these 539,000 individuals, a staggering 79% of lawbreakers were found to be men, who outnumbered women by nearly 4:1.

Meanwhile , men were also found to be far more likely to be found guilty of the most commonly committed motoring offences, with a quarter of the offences recorded due to men speeding.

Research said, men were also found to be five times more likely to be convicted for drunk-driving offences, and were more than twice as likely to be found at fault after making an insurance claim.


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