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Tik Tok Star spoke on protests in India

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

25th Dec, 2019. 02:56 pm
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tik tok star

Teenage Tik Tok star Feroza Aziz has taken over the internet with her new video.

Teenage Tik Tok star Feroza Aziz, who was known for her Tik Tok video on brutalities in China, has again come up with a new video.

The Afghan American Feroza Aziz has raised her voice over the ongoing protests in India arranged against the controversial citizenship bill.

Like her previous video, the 17-year-old Feroza made a video tutorial for a skincare routine.

She began with items needed for the routine and drew the attention towards protests in India.

She also mentioned that 26 people were killed in the protests.

She had made the video about Uighur Muslims on China treatment on Chinese-owned app Tik Tok.

However, this time she used Twitter to convey her message.

Note that her Tik Tok account was banned by the company over the video. The company later lift the ban and apologized to her.

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She had said in a video that she will keep talking on the issue on all social media forums.

Her video got viral through social media platforms and she got 1.5 million views. However, Tik Tok had temporarily banned her account, as according to them, the video made multiple violations of Community guidelines.

Her account is then restored and Tik Tok officially apologized Feroza in front of the public on Thursday. They gave their statement, “We are reaching out to the user directly to inform her that we’ve decided to override the device ban in this case.”

After the account was suspended, Feroza criticized China, as China is using Tik Tok to never let the truth reveal and China is scared, according to her.

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