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TikTok celebrity ‘Hareem Shah’ harassed in Dubai

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Dec, 2019. 09:21 pm
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Hareem Shah

Famous TikTok star Hareem Shah is once again come under the limelight because of video in which she is being harassed.

According to the details, Hareem Shah posted a video in which she is being ‘harassed’ by a group of men surrounding her at mall in Dubai.

The social media sensation Hareem posted this video on her official Twitter account in which she can be seen thronged by a group of men forcing her into a corner and trying to get close to her.

She wrote in her post, “I was invited as a guest at the opening of Oasis Mall in Dubai. Hundreds of Pakistani men hurled abuses, pushed & some even kicked me. Is this how you treat your women?”

Meanwhile, the mall staff and her supporters can be seen trying to cover her while those around her try to come as close as they can to her.

I was touched inappropriately by people at events’, Hareem Shah

Earlier this month, Hareem shah posted another video in which she was mobbed by a large number of people at events and was touched inappropriately by few people.

She called such behaviour and people ‘shameless’.

This month Popular Tik-Tok Star and social media celebrity Hareem Shah recently appeared in BOL Entertainment’s show BOL Champions with Waqar Zaka.

BOL Champions is the challenge-based reality game show in which contestants participate in various tasks that challenge their physical and mental strength.

Participants have a chance to win 10 million rupees on the basis of their confidence and daring abilities.

In an attempt to prove herself daring Hareem Shah appeared in the auditions of BOL Champions. She performed the most dangerous “Kiss of Death” where she kissed a Cobra.

Hareem Shah took to limelight with her appearances and Tik-Tok videos with popular politicians and she also has been spotted in government offices.

Recently her Tik-Tok video inside the foreign office took social media by storm and stirred a debate online as how she has been allowed to enter the most sensitive place.


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