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International Day of Education on 24th January

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Jan, 2020. 04:02 pm
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international day of education

The United Nations has proclaimed 24th of January as an International Day of Education all over the world. International Day of Education is celebrated to acknowledge the role of education in our lives for our upbringing and development.

In fact, the biggest reason behind many countries being not able to confront the challenge of poverty is just because of lagging in the provision of an inclusive and equitable quality of education. The celebration of International day intends to serve as a reminder for every individual across the world to understand the value of education.

In Pakistan, nearly 23 million children are far away from education and hold the second-highest number for children who are not attending school at the primary level.

International day of Education is meant for spreading awareness regarding the significance of education. It intends to motivate parents and children to seek knowledge and go to schools and colleges.

Likewise, schools and educational institutes are also encouraged to raise the standard of education.

Education is the Human Right

Education is human right. As per the declaration of Universal Human Rights, the elementary education should be free and compulsory for every individual. It is imperative for the acquisition of a promising future and raises living standards.

The Key to Sustainable Growth

The ultimate key to gaining sustainable growth is to educate people and increase the horizon of their knowledge. Apart from this, education should not only focus on knowledge building but over skills development as well.  It stimulates economic growth, to ensure significant improvements in every sphere of life.

Sustainable Growth

Root Map To Sustainable Life Growth

There is a need to implement global educational strategies throughout the world so so that every individual can avail the fundamental right of seeking education. Since seeking education determines the success of individuals and countries.

Also, it is beneficial to eradicate poverty, increases economic growth, and maintain peace of the entire world.

24th January 2020 to Highlight Importance of Education

UNO has called to observe International Education Day for the time ever in world history. All public, government, academic, and educational institutes, civil societies, are called to celebrate this day on January 24th, 2020.

Thereby observing a day on an international level with surely enhance the importance of education. Since the need for understanding how much it is imperative to take primary, elementary, and higher education is still there.

According to a report, about 265 million children and adolescents around the world do not go to school. In fact, this is also one of the reasons for increased street crimes, poverty and unemployment.

Firstly, because children are not going to school and those who are going are not attaining a better education quality.

International Education Day 2020

Importance of Girls Education

Around 258 million people including children and youth have not attended school; whereas about 617 million adolescents and children are not even able to do basic math and read.

Furthermore, in sub-Saharan Africa, just 40% of girls have completed lower secondary school. However, youth refugees who are around four million in number are out of school.

Therefore, there is definitely a much need for celebrating such days to enhance the educational importance.

Focus of Celebrating International Day of Education

The focus behind celebrating the International day of education is to encourage the idea of human beings as the greatest renewable source. However, the only way to cash this energy is through seeking quality education.

Indeed, the celebrations should intend to foster the fundamental rights of education, and it should be celebrated for the good of the public.

How to Celebrate International Day of Education?

There could be several ways to celebrate the international day of education. For instance, organizations and educational institutes should conduct events, seminars and school functions wherein everyone should be encouraged to take part.

(Story Of A Girl Who Wants To Help Her Parents Through Education)

Such events would empower people, help them in knowing and preserving their rights, motivate the youth to learn education, and build shared prosperity and peace. Since education is a lifelong opportunity for children, the public and youth to make their future and the world better.

Other International Days for Education

Some other International days to encourage educational motifs are:

The event would also be celebrated in Pakistan as there are many children who need education. They are not getting an education since it is not affordable or approachable.

Conclusively, it is surely a good idea to introduce such a day to enhance education importance. Hopefully, each institute, educational bodies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations celebrate International Day of Education 2020 most productively.

Also, celebration o this day in the start of the year is also something commendable. Since it would allow and help in setting education improvement goals for the year ahead.


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