Pakistani driver in Dubai wins hearts, rewarded for his honesty

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

13th January, 2020

A Pakistani driver in Dubai wins hearts of people after he returned a purse full of cash and documents to an Indian girl.

The Pakistani driver, Modassar Khadim returned the purse to an Indian girl who had forgotten it in Modassar’s cab backseat.

According to the details, Raechel Rose, a law student at the Lancaster University, was on her way to attend a friend’s birthday party on January 4 when she left the wallet in Modassar Khadim’s cab.

“She had got into his taxi with another friend near Burjuman around 7.30pm on January 4,” her mother, Sindhu Biju, told.

“Just then, they saw their other friends in another car and decided to join them.”

They immediately left the taxi and Rose didn’t realize that she left her wallet behind.”

A few minutes later, Rose noticed that her purse was missing.

The purse had her UK student visa, her Emirates ID, UAE driving license, health insurance card, credit card and more than 1,000 Dirhams in various currencies.

Rose soon started panicking as her return flight to Manchester was scheduled for three days later.

She could not afford to delay it as she had an exam on January 13, Rose’s mother said.

“She did not have a copy of the visa. When she called the university, she was told she might have to apply for visa again.

Though she was in tears, she rushed to the police station to report the matter,” said her mother.

Rose also called her father, Biju Ittira, to the station who later took her to the mall to check the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage.

The family was able to retrieve the CCTV footage with the help of the police.

However, in the footage they could not see the car’s number plate properly.

Meanwhile, Khadim noticed the wallet on the front seat after he had finished two other trips.

“Since the family, who came next, said it was not theirs, I opened it to check if there is any contact number.

I could only see all the cards and the cash,” said Khadim.

Khadim called up RTA’s call centre and asked for their assistance.

“I thought it will be easier for them to find the license holder. But it was around 10pm,” said Khadim.

After Khadim was told that another department would reach out to him, he decided to report the lost wallet to the police.

Khadim then tried to get Rose’s contact through her mobile service provider and insurance company.

However, his efforts went in vain as privacy clauses barred the company from sharing the information with him.

“Finally, the RTA call centre called me back when I was finishing my duty at 3.30am.”

“They verified the details that matched with their complaint. I was given their number following which I went to their house to drop the wallet,” shared Khadim.

After handing over the purse, Rose’s father rewarded Khadim with 600 dirhams.

He initially refused the offer, but accepted it upon the family’s insistence.

Later, Rose’s family also wrote a letter to RTA in appreciation of Khadim’s honesty and help.

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