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Irfan Junejo decides to ‘quit’ as a full-time vlogger

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Feb, 2020. 10:30 am
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Vlogger Irfan Junejo is in talks these days as he decided to quit as a full-time vlogger.

Vlogger Irfan Junejo is in talks these days as he decided to quit as a full-time vlogger.

But Irfan will not delete his channel. He will also keep posting videos. 

He recently posted a video on his channel with the title ‘I quit’. He said in the video that he will not be posting videos regularly again. 

He said in the video, “Mein ab kisi bhi event pey nahi jata, mein kisi award ceremony pey nahi jata ,mujhe kisi bhi podcast kee invitation ati hai mein nahi jata, mein ney Twitter chordia hai, aur mein ney camera use karna bohat kam kardia hai ( I don’t go to any events anymore, I don’t answer any podcast requests and I have stopped using a camera as often as before”

Irfan Junejo also revealed the reason for starting a career as a vlogger. He said that he enjoyed watching vlogs, he did not think he will be capable of achieving all his “wildest dreams” through this medium. He said, “Ronaldhinio sey milnay sey lekar apni dream bike khareedna (from meeting Ronaldhino to buying dream bike)”

Content creator revealed that the inspiring moments were when a stranger called him an ‘inspiration’.

However, Irfan also discussed problems of anxiety and self-esteem while creating vlogs. 

He said, “Eik larka jo kisi waqt mein full of life aur optimism hota tha, ab woh din ba din ziada sey ziada vanilla hota ja raha hai aur yeh sub bhi vlogging kee waja sey hoa hai (A person who used to be full of life and optimism has become vanilla now. That too is because of Vlogging)”

Irfan also revealed that his ‘existential crisis’ started when he got 600k subscribers. He said, “Since after, I am seeing small signs everywhere”.

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