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Awareness regarding coronavirus must be given in Sermons, Waqar Zaka

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Mar, 2020. 02:55 pm
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awareness regarding coronavirus must be given in Sermons, Waqar Zaka

Host and social media celebrity Waqar Zaka said awareness regarding coronavirus must be given in Friday sermons.

Waqar Zaka posted a video on his Facebook page in which he suggested that awareness about protection against coronavirus must be given during Friday sermons. He said that health experts and people should provide a script to leaders who will deliver the sermons.

He lashed out at people over the ongoing situation happening in Pakistan and in the world. He used the title of PSL 2020’s anthem ‘Tayyar ho’.

He asked people if they are ready to deal with the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan. He said that he likes to research and he had observed the situations properly.

Note that there are around 20 cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.

However, Waqar revealed that the actual number of cases is not being revealed.

Waqar Zaka warns the public that even the developed countries such as Italy are finding it difficult to deal with the virus and they are reporting a huge death toll.

He asked people, “PSL k liey tayyar ho coronavirus k liey tayyar ho?” (You are ready for PSL but are you ready for the virus?)

Moreover, Champions’ host Waqar Zaka also criticized people that schools are closed for children, so people must stay at home instead of going outside.

In addition to this, he aggressively criticized people who make funny comics and jokes about the virus when people are dying from it.

Apart from that, Waqar Zaka motivated people to stay alert and updated. He warns people to take protective measures because the virus can enter from anywhere in the country.

He also said we cannot blame leaders and government for the consequences, we have to work for ourselves before it’s too late.

Tayyar Ho , PSL Lovers ?

Tayyar Ho , PSL Lovers ?

Gepostet von Waqar Zaka am Dienstag, 10. März 2020

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