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Coronavirus-This 95-year-old Italian woman becomes the oldest known survivor

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2020. 12:34 pm
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Coronavirus-This 95-year-old Italian woman becomes the oldest known survivor

Alma Clara Corsini, 95, might be considered the oldest survivor of coronavirus in Italy.

When coronavirus pandemic has created panic and has disturbed the lives globally, miracles are still happening!

Recent trends show that older people are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Serious illness increases after the age of 80.

However, the Gazzetta di Modena reported that she might be the oldest woman to recover from Covid-19 without antiviral therapy.

Alma Clara Corsini was diagnosed positive with coronavirus and was then admitted to a hospital in Pavullo in northern Italy on March 5.

She informed the Italian news, “I’m fine,”

“They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while.”

She had shown symptoms at the retirement home in Fanano where she resides. Her doctor, who took her to the hospital, was worried that her condition may get worse.

Alma Clara said, “They told me that I still have a strong physique,”

“Despite my years I still defend myself well.”

Doctors said that antivirals or anti-inflammatories would have been strong for her. She was then treated with antibiotics. She was treated and was tested again after 9 days. Surprisingly, the results came negative.

Her roommate was also tested negative with the virus. Alma Clara Corsini will go back to her retirement home.

Book predicted coronavirus in 2008, True or false?

It has been discovered that coronavirus pandemic has been predicted by an elderly psychic in a book in 2008.

Coronavirus pandemic has been causing serious disruptions for the past three months and has compelled people to isolate themselves.

The book named End of Days mentioned, “In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments,” 

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